Monday, May 4, 2009


self portrait in blue and orange

I began this mixed media painting 2 months ago.  March 8th I described how I applied the transfer of myself as a happy little girl of 3.  In summary, the large image on the bottom left is a black & white image transfer painted with acrylic.

I picked this up again a few days ago.  I transferred text, collaged tissue paper, created texture with Golden light molding paste, stamped the dragonfly, and painted the rest.  I’m done and it’s definitely been enlightening to think through this painting, examining my heart for what I wanted to say.

This piece is about my belief in the transformative power of God’s love for me.  I depicted this in my painting with the image of the aquatic nymph’s transformation into the gossamer dragonfly as well as the use of the cruciform.  I see the defined squares near my childish face as the self-confidence and security of childhood.  The middle phase of life is represented by the hazier, off white areas.  A level of comfort with ambiguity and the unanswered questions of life makes faith that much more precious.  The squares in the top right symbolize the answers I’m looking forward to when I meet God face to face.   And that about sums it up folks…  Blessings!


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