Thursday, June 4, 2009

Garden of the Gods & Pike’s Peak


The Manitou Springs area is such an amazing place to visit.  Every time we leave the house my fingers itch to paint.  However, it’s been raining and not exactly ideal for plein air painting.  Kiera (5), Kalista (3) and I had an indoor painting session yesterday.  The rule is they can each have 2 Caran d’Ache at a time.  Like a library…  put two away and take two new ones out.  After all the coloring is done we wet the brush, tap tap [to reduce the water] and paint.  Now that the girls are used to the concept I’ve had a chance to paint a tiny bit.  This is a 10 minute sketch from memory of some Garden of the Gods rock and Pike’s Peak [still snow covered in June!!!].  The sketch is not entirely accurate but does capture the feeling of the area.  WOW!  I highly recommend a trip to Colorado – it’s a dream come true for artists.  Ciao!


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