Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Altered book spread

If you’re reading this on Facebook, consider checking out other blog postings and more paintings at Cheryl’s Consistent Creative & Courageous Blog.  Who knows what you might see there…  198 posts so far. 

grant's bicycleThis is my second 2 page spread for Sheila’s altered book.  The theme is green/recycle so I cut this crazy cyclist named Mack off the side of a Silver Hills bread bag and put him in a flowery whimsical setting.  He seems to have a carefree, relaxed look on his face…  eyes closed too! I imagined him into a garden and paved him a path of daisies.  The rest of the bag went to be recycled elsewhere [love the City of Calgary’s new recycling program!!!].

Today we’re packing for our flight to Ontario.  We leave tomorrow morning and we’re getting pretty excited to see Matthew & Christina, Hannah, Kristian, Victoria, and Ethan.  Hope you enjoy the rest of July…  I may be posting some sketches along the way but there are no guarantees.  I’ll be snapping lots of photos and you may see a few of them here over the next couple of weeks.  Cheers!

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