Saturday, September 5, 2009

Goals Review

It’s always interesting, if not encouraging, to look back on the goals I’ve set for myself for a period of time.  When summer started I knew I was going to be very busy [for me].  I was also quite cognizant of my need for some “do nothing” time.  Early 2009 was quite busy with some legal mumbo-jumbo and 2 painting classes.  I began the summer a bit run down.  Just the same I set myself two major goals for my art this summer:

  1. Seek FCA “active” status as a first step towards marketing my art.
  2. Paint a full-sheet [22”x30”] watercolor. 

So, how did I do?  Well, I assigned a time frame to the first goal – apply for change in status before leaving for vacation in Ontario July 16.  Early July I spent time selecting 10 paintings and writing an artist bio and setting up a webpage.  Done.  I had a letter from FCA head office that my application had been accepted in early August.  Mission accomplished!

As for the second goal I had done absolutely nothing until today  I am, for whatever reason, intimidated by a full sheet of watercolor paper – how crazy is that?  I’ve just set a new goal and taken some steps today to get this done before my class starts in early November.  I dug out two sheets of watercolor paper, wet them down, and dropped in fresh paints with a bit of water spray texture.  They drying right now.  I hope it will be easier to plan and execute a painting with this initial step behind me.  You’re about to find out via this blog.  Here are the two “starts”…IMG_0181 IMG_0178 Let’s see where these take us…. 

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  1. You are amazing. I am inspired by your drive and fortitude, besides your creativity. Your example of how you live your life and what you share with us has a way of impacting us. Thank you for sharing your work and so much of who you are in your wonderful blog.