Friday, May 7, 2010

Lent Lilies [watercolour on Yupo, 11”x14”]

daffy and narcs

I enjoyed taking some floral photos on my recent trip to Ontario.  The daffy’s [Lent Lilies in GB] were out en masse and today I painted these on Yupo synthetic paper.  I’m enjoying painting on this surface…  it’s a very nearly out of control feeling.  Except when it’s totally out of control!!!  It’s a fun challenge though.  I laid down a field of yellow, greens [made with two yellows and thalo blue], and a bit of violet.  I lifted out the white flowers once it dried and the Yupo was neatly stained by the thalo blue.  It made for a nice white. 

Tomorrow I’m off to Mentor’s Day at the Leighton Centre.  It should be a fun day of learning.  Cheers!

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  1. very nice! just yesterday i messed around with some yupo for the first time. I used thalo blue and is stained - like you said. I washed it all off and will play around some more. Very interesting paper!