Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Good Jumpers [in progress, acrylic]

Good Jumpers

There’s a little row of bins on the way to the Leighton Centre and that’s what I had in my memory’s eye when I started this.  However, they bear a strong resemblance to the row of old wooden bins we had on our family farm back when I was a kid.  My sibs and I would take a run at the row and hop from one to the other like crazies!  We’d run down the entire row of [I think] 6 bins.  There were a few incidents but nothing too dramatic.  The more dangerous trick was “swimming” in the flax seed.  Yes, I can hear the collective sucking in of breath amongst all the farm folk out there – you can drown in that stuff it is so slippery.  I remember taking turns with Chuck…  one would slog across the bin and the other would sit on the braces ready to grab a hand if it was needed.  What a pair of brats we were sometimes. 

Anyway, I’m still struggling a bit trying to get into the studio.  I seem particularly stuck in the planning phase on paintings.  I cannot plan right now.  So, rather than judging myself and stressing about it I’ve decided to just play…  this was today’s play session.  I enjoyed it…  particularly once I recognized the row of bins and the fond memories from the farm. 

Now, I’m off to the FCA meeting…  Cheers!


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