Thursday, January 20, 2011

Self-Portrait on cradled birch panel, 14”x11”

IMG_0180Today I attempted a self-portrait.  This is something I’ve had on “the list” for a long time.  Given that this is my first attempt, and the first painting session on this one, I’m pretty happy with where this is.  I expect I’ll revisit this several more times and I’ll repost when I do.  I painted this from “life” if you can call a mirror “life”.

IMG_0177 I began on a board tones with Red Iron Oxide and drew with a watered down mix of acrylic paint.  I tried to just block in the shapes first. 

IMG_0178Next, I painted in flesh tones and some grey to restate the shape of my glasses and begin my hair.


I further developed things with shadows and skin tones, made an attempt at the eyes, and blocked in the background.

IMG_0180I puttered further on the entire painting before this last photo.  I can already see quite a few things I need to adjust next time I take up my brush.  Cheers!


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