Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chaos in acrylic – 22”x30”

I’ve been enjoying some short sessions painting from chaos this week.  Here’s what this acrylic on 300 lb watercolor paper looks right now…IMG_4826  IMG_4822 

I began with some light washes of orange and blue.  Once dry I wet the paper IMG_4820and dumped a layer of yellow and two reds.  While still wet I used some texturing tools and a brayer to lift some areas.  This made some subtle checkered and leafy textured places.  IMG_4823Some areas were still quite wet and I patted down a garbage bag and left it sit overnight.  Today I pondered the results and it is giving me a feeling of Koi fishes…  I saw plenty of those in Japan and have loads of photos to help me out.  Before I commit to making this about fish, I thought I would add a few general fish shapes.  I made most of the edges soft because I want lots of options tomorrow.



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  1. Pretty cool sis. It's crazy how one can go a good part of their life and not know all this is inside them. I marvel at God's ability to take the attacks of the enemy on our lives and bring such beauty and expression out of them. Keep up the good work. Harvey