Thursday, January 23, 2014

Masked Bandit (oil, 6"x6")

I have a raft of reasons for my nearly 3 month break from blogging. Well, okay, some are reasons and some are excuses. Three come to mind.... a 3 week visit to Japan over Christmas (yay!), bronchitis, and the winter blahs. 'Nuff said. The good news is that I've still been enjoying some painting time. However, I need the quasi-accountability that I find when I'm blogging. It makes me more productive. So, here goes...

I often find myself glancing out my kitchen window looking for birds. Have I mentioned I love birds? Anyway, huge flocks of cedar waxwings have been swooping in an out of my neighbours backyard, loving on their fruit tree leftovers. Enjoy!



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  1. As a fellow blogger, I know how hard it is to be consistent in writing, but such is the nature of any creative activity. Quality is more important than quantity here, although I too understand the urge to be productive! I hope you're feeling better, ready to take on new projects like this beautiful painting :-)