Friday, December 19, 2008

Today's Art - Kiera and Grandma

These two paintings were done by my Granddaughter, Kiera who is 4 1/2. This is what she wanted to say about her first painting. "I love my painting because it's so good. I named a tree and under it stood. I love it all the time a little river that I see all the time. The sunshine was very warm there - it was Mexico. I couldn't leave my trip so I stayed until the next airplane. It was warm and sunny. It was cold at home in Canada.
I like you because you were my favourite tree". KIERA THE END

This is what Kiera had to say about her second painting: "I love you because you're my favourite painting art. My stream was very good. The tree was really covered up when a storm was there. The yellow is lots of sunshine and fun on the beach. And I see you next time. Kiera, Goodbye!

I'm getting used to a new camera. Just now as I sit down to post the images I can see they are blurry and I shall have to try again tomorrow. Stay warm!!


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