Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Collage work...

I realize I'm posting a lot of work in progress these days - that seems to be the journey I'm on right now. Completing projects is really not the goal. When working with watercolor I "finished" paintings. Now I realize that was likely due to the simple fact watercolor is immediate and relatively unforgiving. It is meant to be planned carefully and executed quickly... not worked over and over. HOWEVER, that is not the case with collage. It's just a matter of stopping when you like it. At this point I just continue to build and respond to what is happening on the support.
I continued to putter at this collage during class yesterday and again today. I'm excited about the direction (figures -yikes!) and the subject. Thanks to all my classmates and Sharon for comments and suggestions made during the critique we did yesterday (color dominance was a big issue)! It made me step back and think about what I am trying to say with the painting. I did have some identified figures a couple of days ago but the concept needed firming up... and I'm pretty happy with the changes I've made so far.
This work speaks to me about the stuff of life. Embracing life, loss, hope, blessings, the future, sharing, caring... before I start writing poetry I'll sign off. Enjoy!


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