Monday, April 6, 2009

Part 1 of 5 - Matthew's Family

This transfer was done on a chipboard surface that had been prepared with white gesso. I used the heat transfer process that I described in detail on March 20th. Then I painted a black border around the transfer and overpainted parts where the colors were washed out. Then I added "Hannah" lettering and the stickers and overpainted a bit more. The wool yarn is woven through holes I punched with my new "Crop-A-dile II Big Bite" (cheap - $34 with a coupon at Michael's). I added some metal beads to the yarn just for fun.
I'll be doing 5 of these panels as a gift (a very long overdue birthday gift). Each panel is 5"x7". The holes on both sides attach the panels to eachother and make a zig-zag booklet of sorts. This one will have a panel for each of Matthew and Christina's children plus a bonus one because something has to be a surprise. Enjoy!


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