Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sunshine Waterfall [oil, 12”x12”]

waterfall sm

It’s a beautiful day here in Calgary, but I didn’t feel up to the preparation and carting that painting on location requires.  I opted to paint indoors and went just a little bit larger canvas than I use outside.  It was fun to have the space to use slightly larger brushes.

I used a photo reference in black and white taken at the Sunshine Meadows paint-out 3 years ago.  It was miserable up on the meadow that June day – we had all kinds of active weather including sleet, tiny hail bits, rain, and lots of wind.  When I’d had enough of that and my fingers were too stiff to paint, I gathered my gear and retreated to the cafeteria to visit with my painting buddies.  This little waterfall is immediately behind the cafeteria/lift building and we took lots of photos of it once we were warmed up.  I changed the lighting to make it more dramatic and painted it on a red ground which gives this cold subject a warmer feel.  Cheers!


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