Thursday, January 12, 2012

Working from Chaos Again!

I do intend to follow up with my Koi whenever I sort out the next step.  Meanwhile, since that has stalled out, here are the first couple of steps for an abstract acrylic on canvas that I’ve been working on. 


The photo above is current state of the painting.  It’s feeling like a stormy landscape and I think that is the direction I’ll be taking in my next painting session.


In these earlier steps, I was simply trying to get some interesting patterns and textures, lights and darks.  I enjoy this type of exercise…  it clears the mind and let’s me doodle my way into a painting.  I love to watch paint move in water and that’s one of the fun things about working in chaos like this.  You may be able to see some marks made with Caran d"’Ache watercolor crayons in the photo below.  This is part of the doodling and I love the variations I get in the way these crayons dissolve and settle around the textures.  Enjoy!


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  1. Wowee, beautiful and dramatic. The first painting looks like a sky in sunlight, the second like a dragon. Cool.