Monday, August 18, 2008

60th POST!!!!

The Little Red Tulips (6"x6") are ready to post but BLOGGER seems to be having upload problems tonight. I'll post them tomorrow. Meanwhile, here's what I've been up to in my art world:
  • Painting - I finished a little painting of tulips which I attempted to keep loose... you be the judge tomorrow.
  • Visited with my sister-in-law Karen and my cousin Claire today at lunch. Then Karen and I headed over to Art Supply Direct where we picked out some brushes, pencils, and other fun art supplies that Karen will need in class this fall. That was fun - it's always a blast spending other people's money!
  • Yesterday I assembled the painting that I am donating to Shell's United Way campaign. This is the first painting that I have taken from zero to 100% complete all by myself (okay, Ron helped with the glass). I hope it auctions for a good sum... Shell has to match it and I love to see them part with their money... ;o)

How about Simon Whitfield and that gutsy come-back in the triathlon! I knew he was a good runner but THAT was incredible. I suppose it would've been a golden moment if the race had ended 20 meters sooner... when he was leading. BUT, hey... I'm not complaining.

Enjoy the Olympics!

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  1. 60 posts since May? Wow! Congrats on the unseen show & keep blogging, I'll keep reading!