Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Walk in the Woods (11x14)

I suppose I could have called this "going to the light" - lol. I love the long shadows that come at the end of the day and I tried to get them on the trees in this painting. I'm really not crazy about this painting because of the sharp lines on the trees caused by using masking fluid. I'm not a fan of the stuff right now - I suppose that's a good learning. On the plus side, I like the variation in tree separation and the sense of going off through a meadow and then up into higher, sunnier glades of trees.

As I'm describing this here, and as I look at it in this smaller format, I'm seeing some things I may change... stay tuned.

I've just watched the Chinese women win the gold medal in gymnastics - beautifully I might add. Nice to see the home team, the inexperienced underdogs, win. They were just delightful to watch. That said, I'm feeling for the USA ladies who came a bit unglued. I really enjoyed watching Nastia Liukin flip and dance her way on the floor - she was so musical. Nastia was written off by pretty much everyone when she wrecked her ankle in 2006 and had a slow recovery from surgery. She worked very hard for her place on that elite team. I thought she looked great on the floor tonight and "rose above" the circumstances - good for her. She is a first gen American - born in Russia. Her dad, and coach, represented the USSR as a gymnast 20 years ago in Seoul. The world has changed quite a bit since then... Enjoy the Olympics - it's sure to be the best TV you see this summer!


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