Monday, November 9, 2009

Acrylic Landscape… start

acrylic mountains and trees

Acrylics…  wow, it’s going to take a little while to work the kinks out of this new medium for me.  I find the transparent, translucent, and opaque qualities of acrylic a challenge to apply.  In this painting I struggled to get the misty feel with the translucent veil application – the tube acrylic didn’t blend easily with the water and I ended up with streaks down the left side.  Two things will sort this out: more experience and using fluid acrylics instead of the tubes. 

Somehow when I see my work in the small thumbnail format like this I can see the obvious compositional flaws.  In this painting I have a tangent in the bottom left corner where the snow bank lines up with the bottom right branch of the tree.  While I’m sorting that out I will also rework the branches to give them a bit more variety.  Right now they look strangely even in places.  If I fix that area and push the values a bit further in a few places I should be happier with the result.  I will give this one another go soon and post the results…  until then, ciao!


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