Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rock Isle Lake Raw (14”x8” acrylic)

Rock Isle Lake

Gorgeous Rock Isle Lake is high up on Sunshine Meadow near Banff.  The views are spectacular up there – lots of inspiration for artists and nature lovers alike. 

Back in June I painted this location in watercolor.  In this painting I gave it another go in transparent acrylic and yet it has a very watercolor look to it.  It also has a stark, cold feel that my previous painting doesn’t have.  That could be due to the Jekyll and Hyde weather we had that day – everything from sun to snow in 30 minute rotation. 

I highly recommend the summer shuttle bus to the top and a brisk hike in that spectacular air!  For more summer inspiration check out the White Mountain Adventures photos.  Or, check out the webcams at to see what it looks like up there right now. Brrrrr!


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