Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Acrylic with next steps photoshopped

This morning I sat with a cup of coffee and a checklist of the elements and principles of design and did a bit of analysis of 3 paintings in progress, including this one.  I found myself attracted to the patterns suggestive of windows and saw one vase-like curve.  So, that’s the direction I decided to take this painting today.  Here’s what it looks like now…

stillIt’s shaping up but when I looked at the photo in thumbnail format I noticed how confusing the values in the bottom middle are.  So, I loaded this photo into PSE8 and figured out what my next steps need to be.  What do you think? 

still next step pse8

1 comment:

  1. Very nice, Cheryl. My eyes are immediately drawn to the upper left corner with that beautiful arch, and the similar colors. Not sure about the rest of it, but you do beautiful work.