Sunday, February 14, 2010

Coming along but still abstract – sheaves

sheaves take 2

I’m breaking in new progressive eyeglasses and it’s been a struggle to paint this week.  However, here’s the current state of the abstract I posted  Wednesday.  This painting is the first chance I’ve had to use my recently carved sheaf stamp – a personal symbol from my Saskatchewan farm childhood.  Since Wednesday, I’ve defined some dark areas as well as adding more implied texture and interest in the light areas.  I’m moving forward but “thingness” is alluding me so far.  I don’t mind it ending as an abstract but it’s unusual that I don’t see any”thing” in a painting.  It’s good practice for me though and that is the point of it right now.  Enjoy!

SIDEBAR:  Speaking of sheaves….here’s a funny story from my childhood.  As a young child who regularly attended church, my favourite hymn was [I thought] Bringing in the Cheese.  I loved my cheese so I belted that line out every chance I got.  So, imagine my surprise when I discovered that I should be singing SHEAVES instead of cheese!  I was shocked, particularly because I was too young to know what “sheaves” meant.  I learned that evening.  I chuckle every time it crosses my mind.

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  1. WOW this is so awesome! Love Tiff