Monday, February 15, 2010

The demise and rebirth of a painting

A week ago I was fairly happy with most of my painting Moonrise Over Sunset but there were a lot of distracting details and no real focal point.  Last Wednesday I determined to simplify it beginning with a partial glaze of near white to get back some lighter areas.  I mixed just a bit of titanium white with a Golden product that is new to me – Acrylic Glazing Medium.  That’s where things began to go wrong.  I misjudged the amount of white in the mix. My plan was to put down a thin layer of this mix and lift off the most important areas before it dried.  BUT, because of the opacity I couldn’t see anything. 

Plan B:  I decided to let it go…  I left the rest of it to dry before taking alcohol and a rough cotton rag to it.  Here’s how it looked then.  The transparent colors were GONE, the circular theme and freshness was GONE…  Grr!

moonrise over sunset abstracted WIP

Needless to say, my mood wasn’t conducive to tackling this problem so I put it aside until Saturday.  I used a viewfinder design from last year and drew it on with chalk.  The texture from the previous painting gave this one some really cool texture.  Here’s how it looks right now.  I refuse to name it until I’ve lived with it a little while but I’m liking the patterns and texture of this new painting so far. 

acrylic abstract over moonrise sunset2Lessons learned?   don’t be hasty, test products before using, let it go, recreate it. 



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