Sunday, March 14, 2010

Monoprint plate…

I’m back to my mixed media class tomorrow and we’re in the middle of a unit on monoprinting.  Today I worked on two Yupo printing “plates”.  Here’s a photo of the first one…

floral plateIf you look closely you’ll see that I’ve used a couple of words and they appear backwards on the plate.  However, this is just the first step.  Tomorrow I’ll print this plate onto BFK Rives paper.  When it’s printed it will look closer to the photo below, but will be somewhat lighter and softer due to the printing process. 

floral plate reversed

I found an interesting DickBlick video about printmaking papers made by Arches, including BFK Rives.  Internal sizing is critical to getting a good print and papers vary widely in this respect. 

More on monoprinting next post…  ciao!


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