Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Climbers & Counting Sheaves – again.

I spent a bit more time on this one today and I think the right side is working a bit better now.  I simplified the background behind the flower by lifting some darker color and then painting a lighter value.  I also darkened the petal centre and tips to better show the light.  The blossom looks much more alive!

IMG_0054I had a bit more time to putter and I spent it on “Sheaves” which I’ve renamed “Counting Sheaves”…  I bumped up the value difference on some of the elements…  little stuff really, but it makes quite a difference in how I feel about the piece.  The main thing was some negative painting behind the top left sheaf to make it pop a bit more but I also decided to emphasize some small dots and squares across the piece.  They help to bridge lights to darks.  It feels done to me now. 


I like the name “Counting Sheaves” because it fits well with my agricultural roots [farmers are always counting something!] and my early career as an accountant…   enjoy!

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  1. I really enjoy following your process. And it makes me feel better to know that someone that I admire continues to tinker with a painting after it's put together. I love your work!