Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Passages [collage on watercolor paper, 11”x14”]

I had a bunch of extra paint on my palette after painting one day, grabbed a handy 1/4 sheet of watercolor paper, and made light colored start that formed the basis of this collage.  One of the fun collage elements in this piece are the geometric shapes you can see on this close-up.  acrylic bits These were fun to make…  I found the instructions on YouTube but, sorry, can’t locate the link.  Here’s a brief description of the steps:

  1. on a perfectly clean piece of glass [thick retail shelving works great!] I poured, brushed and stamped acrylic paint left over from my painting sessions.  It had plenty of time to completely dry between sessions.
  2. since this is done on glass, both front and back are visible.  When I like what I saw I applied 3 layers of Golden regular gel gloss medium with a brush, drying between each application. 
  3. once that’s dried completely [24+ hours], it is a strong, thin film of yummy color.  I selected bit’s I liked and ran an exacto knife along the sides.  Then, using a flat razor [mine’s in a paint scraper handle], I gently pushed the flat of the blade under and along the glass to lift the piece.  Trust me, it’s easy.


The photo below shows the current state of this piece.  It feels like a story about passages…  there are multiple paths through this painting for the eye.  I think it makes for an interesting and personal view.  It might be saying something about life too… pick your path!  Enjoy!




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