Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Box Me In? [acrylic, 11”x15”]


Step 2 – as it sits right now

The inspiration for this non-objective or abstract painting is a 1”x1.5” viewfinder design cut from a large newspaper image.  I like the patterns of lights and darks and I’ll keep the 4 large shapes while playing back and forth with the details.  I’ve got some work to do to reintegrate and add interest to the top right shape.  I will also need to resize the intervals on the left side…  they’ve become equal and boring.  After that I’ll take a proper photo and repost. 

Step 1 photo below.  The surface is 300lb watercolor paper which had been sealed [with 2 coats of Golden acrylic gel], loosely painted, given up on, and then covered with one coat of gesso.  You might expect that the first layer of paint would be insignificant but you’d be wrong.  As the acrylic paint dries [which takes a very LONG time], the surface layers melt into those below and the result is a very unique surface.  If you enjoy working your way out of chaos, you’d like this way of painting…  IMG_0223 Enjoy!


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