Friday, August 5, 2011

Passing along a challenge…

The closest I got to art today was reading Liz Wiltzen’s blog.  I wanted to share this link to her blog post where she discusses painted value studies…  and posts a challenge – 50 studies in 30 days!  I’ll take a whack at this challenge after I get moved.  Hope you enjoy it!

I believe I mentioned that we’ve had our house for sale…  well, we got an good offer with a short possession date of August 24th.  This sent us into serious house-hunting mode and we were blessed to find a bungalow that will suit us very well.  Good-bye 2-storey!  I loved everything about this house but my knees hated it!  I was keen to find a house that gave me some move in ready studio space – and we did!  I’ll have more space there than I did here and I can’t wait to get in and settled!  As a result of the move, posts will be few and far between for a few weeks.  It pains me to set my paints aside but it can’t be helped…  Cheers!


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