Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Simple Honeymoon [6”x8”, oil on panel]

I spent last week on Franchere Bay near Bonneville, Alberta.  My two daughters and 4 of my grandchildren attended Moose Lake Gospel Family Camp there.  It was a lovely week – just one rainy day.  We had mainly sunny skies but it was cooler than normal except for Monday when I decided I had to paint “the honeymoon cabin”.  This 7’x14’ log cabin was built by A.D. & Ruth Marshall in the early years – the first to be built on the current site.  It was quickly dubbed “the honeymoon cabin” as A.D. and Ruth had been recently wed.  Can you imagine being thankful – VERY thankful – for a 7’x14’ log cabin?????  Puts our whining into perspective, doesn’t it?

The challenge with this painting was to get a “likeness” without painting all of the wonkiness in the structure as it has settled over the years.  That wouldn’t be believable…  I liked how the light was hitting the west wall and the roof mid afternoon and that’s what I tried to capture. 

Any of you Moose Lakers out there – this painting is currently in the canteen at camp.  A silent auction is underway this week to raise money for camp.  Bid ‘er up boys and girls!  It’s all for a good cause.  The grins on the kids’ faces when they arrive at camp and the closeness one feels to God while there are two very good reasons for supporting Moose Lake Gospel Camp.


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