Friday, March 18, 2011

Creating a Monster 101 [this is not a title!!!]

I jumped in with both feet when canvasses were on sale a few weeks ago…  the largest size is 40”x60”.  If you’ve followed my blog EVER I know you’re thinking – ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!  Let’s just say I like a challenge.  Besides, as my mother said, I’ll never learn any younger!

So, how is this little project going?  I’m having fun…  kind of expensive fun but still fun!  I laid it down on my studio floor, sprayed it with a water bottle and glazed on a few very light layers of my latest favourite trio – quin gold and crimson, and thalo turquoise.  I used my new long handled paint roller for this – handy!.  Then I did another layer, again very light.  On this layer I lifted a bit with a very large pattern cotton dresser scarf.  Then I lightly blocked in a viewfinder design in a muted green.  For the lighter area, I taped off the ribbon shape I needed and used a 12”x12” stencil as a mask…  taped down firmly, I applied molding paste approximately 1/8” deep.  Here’s the progress to this point…  VERY early stages.

IMG_0261It’s going to take a lot more painting and fiddling to get this one done but it’s a very interesting experience – SO different than painting on a smaller support!  Cheers!   


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