Saturday, March 19, 2011

Not Committing Yet [this is not a title!!]

Here we go again…  more painting on my 40”x60” canvas.  This time I worked with my letter stencil and darkened the value in places.  Then I used a different stencil and mixes of the three colors and white in the background….  enough for one day on this project.  Here’s the photo of my progress: IMG_0263The feeling of this painting is coming as I glaze, paint, stamp, think,  stencil, lift, think and sponge…  an unfinished painting is like an illusion you just can’t quite “get”, or a dream you can’t quite remember – YET.  But you know it’s coming together.  That has to be enough…  we will know ALL some day, for now illusion and dreams has to be quite enough. 


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