Thursday, March 17, 2011

Talisman Roses [16”x20”, acrylic]

orange and blue flowers 6 This painting has evolved from the chaos created by random stamping, painting into that surface and then, after the focal point declares itself, exploiting it.  I have absolutely no idea whether or not I’m done with this one…  it’s been a challenge to work with this complementary pair – Golden’s Pyrrole Orange & Ultramarine Blue.  I also used just a touch of carbon black in some areas. 

Here are a few of the early photos… 

 Orange and blue flowerorange and blue flowers

On the right photo I’ve just played around with the two main colors and the beginnings of some stamping.  The second photo [on the right above] I’m arbitrarily  imposing some light areas based on a viewfinder design.  The painting sat like that for some time because I lost all emotional connection to it.  Then I carved myself an abstracted rose/spiral stamp and grabbed this start to play around with it.  Originally, I simply stamped over some of these circular shapes with my rose stamp and started to play with a grid pattern in places.  Eventually, one of those geometric shapes morphed into the vase and I continued to adapt the grid…  primarily I toned down some of the orange with neutral lights and darks…  it was just everywhere!!! 

Below left I’m working back and forth on the grid and then on the floral shapes…  on the right I’m adding darks in the focal area and further developing the grid. 

orange and blue flowers3orange and blue flowers 4   

orange and blue flowers 6 In this latest stage, I lightened some areas in the background grid, straightening some lines, breaking some areas of the darks and evening the flat neutral areas.  I’m at the stage where I will live with it for a while before moving on….  any and all suggestions and/or critiques are welcome.  Cheers!


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