Friday, May 6, 2011

Blowing in Over Bearspaw [oil, 9”x12”]

Blowing in Over Bearspaw

This is the view northwest toward Bearspaw reservoir from my deck. Weather rumbles up the Bow River valley so it’s a great spot to watch active weather year round.  The weather was beautiful this morning but I had appointments.  I scanned for a decent plein air view as I returned from my errands.  When I saw the clouds rolling in I hustled home and set up to paint.  By then the sky looked completely different, of course!  I used a baltic birch panel sealed with amber shellac [but that process is another story!]…  it feels completely different than the canvas I’ve been using.  I found I needed to add more walnut oil to make the paint adhere.  Interesting…  just one more tiny step up the learning curve… Cheers!


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