Friday, May 20, 2011

May Showers [oil, 9”x12”

May Showers

I just had to get out of this house today…  packing and reorganizing seems to be the theme at our place right now.  It’s been inspiring to reorganize my art room and find all kinds of ideas that I’ve jotted.  All are now safely stored away in a much more organized fashion.  My art accounts and invoices are also.  Phew! 

So, to reward myself for all that hard work I grabbed my gear and headed to the park on the ridge in the community of Tuscany.  Set up is so fast with my BestBrella and my Alla Prima pochade box.  I was looking west towards the Rockies and the clouds were rolling towards me.  I expected rain before I finished so I was hustling to get started.  That’s when I discovered that, although I remembered the all important mosquito repellant, I’d left my medium pots at home.  No walnut oil nor thinner to help with paint control. Too late for that – I sketched in quick and grabbed my palette knives.  Consequently, this painting is thick.  I basically slathered the paint on with my knifes and used a bristle brush on most of the sky – it was amazing how fast those clouds were moving!  But, the distinct line of dark was constant like this for a long time.  It didn’t rain on me but it certainly was raining at Springbank Airport.  Eventually the wind picked up enough that I had to collapse my umbrella but I kind of like this painting – LOVE painting with the knives [loved the sale at Curry’s too]! 


  1. Great narrative and great painting!

  2. This is VERY nice!! I have been playing with my palette knife lately also. I think the trick is having your paint pre-mixed and then rapid application without getting too much further mixing. Cehck out Sally Shisler's work at