Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mari, Mari… [oil, 12”x9”]

Mari Mari...I did this little still life on the deck today.  The deck has the added advantage of a big umbrella and lots of space to spread out the junk.  It also royally ticks off the neighbor’s dog who barked 50% of the time I was painting.  Just another uncontrollable to practice blocking out if I want to learn to plein air paint. 

I also say “little” still life sarcastically b/c I bought a bunch of 9”x12” panels and that’s all I have right now.  Hmmm, there are some really good reasons plein air painters use tiny canvasses.  I will be rectifying the situation asap.  But, it was gorgeous today and I was outside.  So, it’s all good… cheers!


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