Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Acrylic WIP, 11x14

I'm working on a canvas that I stretched myself this time. It's an interesting surface - the golden gesso has a lot of grab and a bit more absorbency than other canvasses I've used. I am really enjoying it and I can see a lot of potential for exploration.

In general, here are the steps for these "from chaos" paintings:

  • Texture - drizzle tar gel, scrape through masks, stamp various acrylic mediums to make an interesting surface. Dry.
  • Transparent glazes - I select 3-5 colors that I've learned will work well together (IMHO) and paint several layers on my textured surface. First layer is diluted with water and typically quite loose. The tar gel and other textures absorbs the paint differently and act as natural barriers as the colours run, making for some interesting patterns. The second and subsequent layers are mixed with glazing fluid and are somewhat thicker fluid. These layers are mental doodling to push and pull the shapes that emerge on the canvas. I'm thinking about composition at this stage.

Next step for this painting...

  • Translucent and/or opaques - near the end of a painting, the acrylics can be mixed with white. The sky is the limit here... no, seriously! If I need to lighten an area and I feel a transparent would look best, I paint the area white and once dry I glaze over it transparently. Or, if I'm looking for an opaque, I blend the pigment with white. Transluscents are beautiful too... Very thin mixes of white and color can cover an area with a beautiful veil of color.

And now it's time to paint.... Have a great day!



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