Thursday, April 11, 2013

Misty Spirit Island (Oil on canvass, 6"x6")

I had a refreshing break from the winter weather when we visited Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mexico for a week over Easter. This tropical paradise is between Acapulco and Guatamala on the pacific side and has warm, almost guaranteed, weather. We saw one cloud, one day. Mexico moved to develop and protect a large portion of the area as Huatulco National Park in 1998. As a result, the most delicate coastal areas are protected from resort development. Those resorts built south of the national park are limited to just a few of the 18 bays. Although I didn't shop much in Huatulco, I did manage to bring something home from Mexico. However, I'm finally feeling a bit better and I'm back in my studio so - yay! Nothing can make me fall out of love with Mexico. Nothing.
Contrast that with the subject of this little painting...another gorgeous paradise -Jasper National Park. Long snowy winters and short, dry summers, are the norm in Jasper. Spirit Island is an iconic landmark in this area. It's accessible only by tour boat (or canoe/kayak but I don't count that ;-). I visited this gorgeous spot on an overcast day in late September 2007, just days before the end of the tour season. We woke up to a cold, drizzly morning. But, being optimistic about the weather Gregg Johnson, our painting instructor, led us onto the boats. We watched rain stream down the boat windows during our 45 minute ride. But, as we rounded the corner to Spirit Island, a weak sun was attempting to burn off the fog. The color of the water is incredible - more towards emerald than this little painting indicates. Simple put - the place is stunning! A fantastic place for plain air painting and a great reference source as well. Cheers!



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