Thursday, April 18, 2013

Roses WIP update

This painting has changed lots since my last post. I must confess some serious frustration with this one! I have no photo reference for it because it began from chaos with my rose stamp. As a result I've struggled between representation (ie roses in vase) and abstraction (as it started out). In other texture and layers I saw the sphere (now a rose bowl) and its evolved from there. However, I've spent a lot of time "up in my head" thinking through light direction, glass, colour, etc. I've enjoyed all the painting and I feel like its coming together for me now, although I have a few things to change before I'm done.
Tomorrow is my birthday. Ron has the day off and we are going into Edmonton to shop and then out for dinner. Delta art has a big sale on and I think dropping by there will be a fun diversion. I have an order waiting for me but I'll definitely have a look around :-).



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