Friday, April 12, 2013

The Gloaming at Sheep River Fall (oil, 24"x24")

I first painted The Gloaming at Sheep River Falls in early 2012 and I hung it in my home in Calgary. I saw it every day and something really bugged me about it. Sometimes it takes me a long time to figure out what I want to change andthat was the case here. Indetermined not to hang it here in Lloydminster until I figured it out. There were just a few minor changes:
  • The blue of the sky and water was too warm. I glazed turquoise lightly over the sky and in places on the river.
  • The tips of the trees on the left, although lighter, were too warm. These I glazed with an almost grey mix to dull and cool them.
  • The foreground rocks were also too warm for this time of day so I toned them with mixes of greens and blues.
  • The water spray is in full shadow at this time of day, so my water was far to light and bright. I scumbled the blue and greenish greys into the white water to tone it.
There were a few other tweaks but those were the primary issues. What do you think? I like it much better now than I did before. Have a great day!


The Gloaming at Sheep River Falls - before...



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