Sunday, March 8, 2009

New collage start

I've started a new self-portrait style collage. I learned quite a bit from Ann Baldwin's DVD "Telling Stories With Collage and Paint". One of the things she says is that it is usually best NOT to lay down your most important image first. Immediately after saying that she does exactly the opposite, as I've done here. At least she had a plan before she dove in. Me? Not so much.
I began this by covering a piece of illustration board with gesso. Once dry I drizzled ultramarine blue and quinacridone burnt orange vertically down the surface and sprayed water to join up the paint drips.

After that dried I attempted an image transfer using Golden softgel gloss. It was about 50% successful but I decided to go ahead with a further step. I coated an identical transfer and the surface again and after they were dry I carefully laid the new image atop the previous transfer. I taped it securely in place before I used my Walnut Hollow Versa-tool to melt the image onto the surface. Once cool I wet the paper backing and simply rolled the paper off the image. I've only done this a few times but every time it gives me a very good image with just enough raggedy edges to make it interesting.

I used some Golden light molding paste over a box stencil to add the texture to the right of my shoulder. Then I painted into and around the image to bring it to life a bit. I like it so far. I'm going to be working on this again in class tomorrow to see if I can get a few more steps down the path on this collage.

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday...


  1. I still cant believe how much you have learnt in the past two years. I love this, Im obsessed with transfers right now so I really like that part. Ive never tried that but I really should. I also need to pick me up one of those versa tools!

  2. Thanks Jen! I think I enjoyed this piece more than anything I've done before. The next time I do a transfer I'm going try even bigger. If you want to try my versa tool come on over for a play date. If I do lots of this in the future I'd sure like to have one with a bit more control on the temperature - it seems overly hot to me.
    I'll email you the link I found to a better one [if I can find it ;)