Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tulip collage... done

I have learned a lot from this collage because I've basically done it over about 4 times. Collage is so flexible and that makes it really easy to take a 'do over'. Here are some other things I've learned while re-re-redoing this project:
  • Acrylic paint application - FAR different than watercolor and there are pluses and minuses. They really can't be compared to each other in my mind. Kinda like comparing really good automotive paint to really good makeup - the applications are just too different to make it worthwhile.
  • Acrylic mediums... part way through this project I learned that I should be using soft gel MATTE medium to attach collage papers rather than soft gel GLOSS medium. That's because the gloss medium is, you guessed it, glossy!
  • Paper weight... I used good quality sketch paper on this project and I've been fighting that from the outset. The smooth lines on the teapot, vase, and the apple are way too noticeable for my liking. Lighter paper - even 20 bond paper would have been a better choice in that regard. Archival quality doesn't matter because collage papers are sealed by the acrylic paint on top and are attached with more acrylic medium to the support.
  • Support - I used a stretched canvas support that I had on hand. The upside of that is that, if you a like the piece, you don't have to frame it... a little black paint on the edges is all that is needed. The downside is that, if you like only part of the piece, you can't cut the bad parts out and keep the good as easily as on other supports like watercolor paper, mat board, or illustration board.

I hope you had a great weekend. Ours was decent until late last night when it started to snow - 31 centimetres before it stopped. Enough said. Cheers...


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