Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New mixed media painting

I've been puttering on this for the past week after the transfer I posted on March 20. I've got plenty left to do but I've been finding the creative process sluggish & challenging lately. I blame it on all the numbers I've had to look at over the past 10 days - yuck!

I hope to finish this over the next few days and when I do, you'll see it here again.
p.s. for those that know Chuck - mum's the word until the big bday is over - thanks! You might also take a minute to compare this photo to Erin's baby pics - it's uncanny how alike their mouths are!


  1. I am loving what you have done with this so far!!!! I cant wait to see the finished project. For such a busy lady you have made it far in a week, way to keep time aside for your art!

  2. Thanks Jenelle! If I can only paint for a short time each day I'm a happy camper. It sure helps to have a room just for art - no set up and put away issues. I wish I had some idea of how to finish this piece... it'll come to me eventually.