Sunday, June 26, 2011

Elbow Falls gets a new home

Elbow FallsYesterday I was privileged to attend the wedding of Kelsey Quist and Brandon Somerville.  I certainly hope they like this painting of Elbow Falls I did in acrylic last year. This is a viewpoint that most Calgarians, and many around the world, are familiar with.  Usually the sky isn’t orangey like this but hey, this is art folks!  The beauty of this spot on the Elbow River puts me in mind of a marriage – beautiful, risky, but WORTH THE DRIVE!  May your marriage prove this to be the case as you continue your journey under the cross.  Uncle Ron captured this photo yesterday and I LOVE it!  Blessings on you both in your joint venture as man and wife! 

kelsey and brandon under the cross


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