Friday, June 24, 2011

Thundering Through the Foothills [oil, 10”x8”]

west from Leighton Centre startThis particular, spectacular storm rolled across the foothills between the Leighton Centre and the Rocky Mountains.  We had spectacular thunder and sheets of rain just a few miles away.  I painted for about an hour wanting to capture the power of the scene.  I kept an eye to the southwest though…  I wasn’t fond of my chances with lightening out on that ridge!  Bits of blue sky shone through here and there before the wind picked up, the umbrella came down and the golf cart got rolling. 

Golf cart you say?  Yes – golf cart!  Why let all that research golf engineers have done about moving heavy gear without sore shoulders go to waste?  Ron clipped some dividers out of an old golf bag and my chair [when I get a smaller one], umbrella, and tripod ride inside that.  Plenty of pockets for the layers of clothing, bug repellant and sunscreen, lunch, water, etc.  My Alla Prima pochade box rides in my backpack, attached to the top handle of the golf cart.  Nadda on my back – cool, eh?  Still, I’m not venturing too far from the car just yet…  my back isn’t up for long hikes.  painting setup at Leighton


  1. This turned out wonderfully well Cheryl! Congratulations. I love the placement of the yellow arrow in the second photo -kind of says "Yes, good use of a golf cart, but pay attention to the artist at the easel please!" LOL

  2. haha, I noticed the sign in a awkward spot but hadn't connected it quite like that :)