Thursday, June 23, 2011

Survivor START [oil, 10”x8”]

Survivor - west coast tree start

I took a photo of this wind-bent tree in Ucluelet, BC in 2006.  I’ve painted it a few times in watercolor but this is the first attempt in oil.  Although I’ve got a ways to go on it, this scene speaks to me about persistence, thriving in the face of adversity [wind and salt spray] and showcasing beauty along side of the challenges life throws at you.  Although the surf pounds loudly in your ears when you’re in Ucluelet, it’s a sounds of peace for me.  I’m looking forward to finishing this one but I’ve got to set it aside for about 10 days for a family wedding this weekend and then *WOOT* a Carol Marine workshop all of next week.  I’m trying to rest up in advance so I don’t run out of jam part way through…  cheers!


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