Friday, June 3, 2011

Team work

Ron and I spent a while cutting [scary saw!], sanding and prepping baltic birch panels for plein air.  A while ago I prepped some 9”x12” panels and I still have a few around.  However, now that I’ve done a few plein air sessions, I can see the need for some small ones.  Today we made 8”x10”, 6”x8”, and a few 6”x6”.  Ron cut and helped me set up the palm sander for smoothing the edges – nobody wants a sliver when you’ve inspired to paint!  I seal and tone all exposed wood with Golden’s GAC100, tinted with their fluid acrylic Transparent Red Iron Oxide.  And voila! – ready for my plein air workshop this weekend.  Now if the weather would just cooperate!

cutting panels sanding panels IMG_0007


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