Friday, January 25, 2013

Be (acrylic, (11"x14")

"People have one thing in common: They are all different". Robert Zend

Some of the simple sounding things in life are profound when you sit down to think them over. For example, " Be you, bravely" can be read as BE you, bravely, be YOU, bravely, or be you, BRAVELY. Each of these emphasizes something different.

I'm going to be painting on this topic off and on over the next week. Today i emphasized the first word. Emphasis on BE puts me in mind of action- step into it, embrace yourself, make it happen, act intentionally on yourself, assume your own identity, accept yourself as you were get the picture. It's not a word suggesting standing still for me. It's about action...

This was started as a drippy, runny mix of three colours - orange, blue, and yellow. In places they've blended and run into each other, creating less intensities in the colours (complimentary colours added to each other create neutral greys, browns, etc). At the risk of push my philosophical mood too far, I think personalities reflect the same blending and the result is our uniqueness as people. Then you add in societal "shoulds", or external pressures, and we can easily end up in a muddle, not knowing how to just BE. It takes some thinking to act intentionally upon a canvas, why would life be any different? What do I want this canvas called Cheryl to become? Where am I at now? And where do I want to be? BE.



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