Thursday, January 31, 2013

More Be You Bravely Experiments w/c on paper. 9"x12"

This experiment is watercolour paint on 300 lb watercolour paper. I wanted to see how well a mask from contact paper would work. Unfortunately, it didn't work quite so well as I had hoped. However, I later wetted the letters carefully, and included the areas where the paint bled out under the contact paper. Then I charged in watercolour paint and this is the result. I think I would be just as far ahead wetting one letter at a time freehand in script before charging in the watercolour paint. For reference, here's a photo of the letters and how they looked during my process this yesterday...

Step 1 - After the background wash

Step 2- cutting the letter mask. This was relatively easy for the block letters but script would be no picnic... and probably be less effective as the paint ran under the masks more on the curves.


Step3 - After I painted the masked letters. Messy bleeds around the first letters

Step 4 - after i expanded the letters to cover the bleeds...




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