Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rocky Tak Coast start (oil, 8"x8")

I based this painting on a photo I took near Shichigama, Miyagi prefecture in Japan in November 2011. This is a rugged coast very close to the epicentre of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated the northern coastal region of Honshu. We were there about six months after the tsunami - some of the area had yet to be cleared, and to this day has not been re-built significantly. Debris continues to wash up on beaches, in Japan, and elsewhere in the Pacific.

For those interested in my process (which I SO enjoy), heres just a bit of background.

This is the photo reference I am using.

I started this painting in acrylic and blocked in the cool and warm, light and dark areas. Here's what it looked like after the initial block in of very wet acrylic paint on this absorbent mat board. Several days ago, I covered this mat board with several layers of acrylic medium and Golden's GAC 100 to seal it well. I've painted on the bottom left half only. I'm going to let this dry before I paint the water. So far I like it! Cheers!



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