Tuesday, January 29, 2013

YOU (acrylic, 12"x12")

This was a fun one, experimenting with watery acrylic on thick mat board. The paint definitely moves completely differently from what it does on watercolour paper.

First I prepared experimental "masks" using my glue gun on glass for the three words, I let that set up overnight and then carefully scraped it off the glass with a sharp paint scraper (ie razor blade). That worked relatively well. These looked like clear jellies. Kinda fun!


Then I laid in very light washes on the mat board and let the colours run around and bleed into each other. After I let them dry, I placed the letters on the mat board and used my mouth atomizer to spray thinned acrylic around them. It was fun but I wouldn't call it a resounding success. I used some opaques of the colours towards the end and I feel that deadened the colours to some extent. Still experimenting and enjoying the process!

Have a great evening everybody!



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