Monday, January 28, 2013

Storage Project

I have had a serious storage problem in my studio for some time. The issue of storing completed, in progress, and even new panels and canvasses has been getting worse as I have gradually been painting more, and larger. I needed a solution that didn't involve a major outlay of cash. This project cost $140 and, I'm happy with the result.

I found what I wanted on, although the specific link eludes me as I'm writing this. Here's how I did this:

I needed:

  1. A wire shelving unit ( I bought a "Honey Can-Do" shelf from Amazon)
  2. 1/4" pegboard cut to shelf size
  3. 1/4" wooden dowels
  4. Masking tape

The steps are:

  • Assemble the wire shelf unit. Make sure shelves are going to fit your canvasses and panels. I made mine to store lighter, larger canvasses on the top two shelves and heavier items on the bottom.

  • Cut the pegboard and add to shelves
  • Insert the dowels through the pegboard holes and wire shelving vertically so that your items have a place to lean without damaging them. This step is a bearcat to say the least. First I clipped the third shelf's pegboard up onto the top shelf which looked like this...
  • Then I could run the dowels down through the wire of shelf 3 and shelf 2... Then up through the top shelf and both pegboard pieces in one go.
  • I ran 1/4" masking tape around each dowel an inch from the bottom before inserting them back down into shelf 2's pegboard.
It's very functional and I've loaded it up and taken 4 cardboard boxes out of my studio! Wow, it feels so awesome to have this organized! I plan to put dowels between the bottom and third shelf to accommodate small supports (11x14" and smaller).




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