Friday, November 19, 2010

Bowness Buddies WIP [22”x30”, acrylic]

Bowness Bark2

So evolves a painting…  try to fix the 4 things you didn’t like and create a few more in the process ;-)  Oh, and while you’re at it HURRY and take blog photos before the sun goes down – at 4:30 pm.  First , it would do me goo to say what I LIKE about this painting:

  1. I’m still liking the bridge – it’s been glazed a bit darker and that’s working.
  2. I now like the sky – the bigger shape is still a triangle but the gradation helped even though it’s subtle. 
  3. I toned the value of the rocks on the left down and extended them toward the bank…  that’s better.  The trees on the bank extend above the deck of the bridge now too. 

And now we get the inevitable next steps:

  1. The hat needs help.  Once I get the shape right I will…
  2. Get the get the lights back on the right side water and sand.
  3. The trees on the far right bank are too warm/light. 
  4. Bump the gradation in the sky a bit further???

Otherwise just puttering….  Oh, the joy of acrylics – it’s never really over! 


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